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“Sofia is a Canadian artist specializing in large abstract resin pieces.  Her art captures the dynamic depth and flow of nature and it’s ever changing elements using techniques that resemble a stereoscopic aerial view.  Using various mediums, she is able to create large statement pieces that fit perfectly in contemporary spaces.”


Resin & Mixed Media on Cradled Birch Canvas 36’x48″x0.5″ SOLD

Mixed media, acrylic, & resin on cradled birch 40″x60″x1.5″ SOLD

Mixed Media & Resin on Cradled Birch 36″x48″x0.5″ SOLD

Resin, Inks, Pastel, Mixed Media on Cradled Birch 30″x48″x1.5″ Currently Unavailable

Resin & Mixed Media on Cradled Birch 18″x24″x1.5″ For SALE – Email info@sofiaresinart.com for details

Photography by Ray Watkins @landdeveloperab


“Art is an interpretation of the creative universal life force energy that is constantly flowing around us.”


Using inks, acrylics, and other materials in resin, Sofia creates images that convey how she connects with this vital energy while drawing inspiration from nature on both a micro and macro scale.  The creation process is a journey where challenges encourage new discoveries and techniques.


Art is life, there is no separation.  Just as the fish needs the ocean to thrive, we need art to connect with ideas that require more than words alone.  None of Sofia’s art pieces can ever be the same and are as unique as each human on the planet.  


Have you ever been drawn to a painting and felt a sense of wonder and awe?  When you admire a work of art, the canvas becomes a window and you observe (from the artist’s perspective) the fullness and beauty of life.


Resin is fluid and dynamic to work with, and her art work is in a continuous state of change until fully cured.  There is no set idea when beginning a piece.  Instead, Sofia uses her intuition and skill to place the colour where it belongs; making sense and creating an order so that the observer can emotionally connect with the creative life force energy within themselves.


Sofia is a self taught artist living in Edmonton, Alberta


When making an art piece, Sofia looks to capture the natural colour combinations and flow of our ever changing Earth to re-create this feeling using resin and mixed media.
She appreciates using both bold busy colour combinations and layering along with more minimalist looks.


Using elements of natural ground stone and pigment along with multiple layering, she’s able to construct a sensational 3D effect (like looking through coloured glass).
There are many subtle details and nuances for you to notice something new every time.


Sofia aims to discover what natural environment or set of colours is meaningful to you so every time you look at the art piece, you’re instantly elevated back to a space of inspiration and joy.


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