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photo by Ray Watkins @landdeveloperab

Art is an interpretation of the creative universal life force energy that is constantly flowing around us.” 

Sofia Jogola

 After realizing she was living her life to fulfill the expectations of others, that left her feeling completely lost, Sofia began a deep journey of self-awareness in 2016 which included taking a powerful healing plant medicine where she received clarity about her purpose on this planet – to add beauty to the world, to experience, and to express.  She began to explore painting and quickly became obsessed with how colour interacts to evoke a response of awe and wonder in others.

Sofia now uses her intuition to create large dynamic abstract pieces using inks, acrylics, and other mediums in resin. Her work takes on mesmerizing depth as colours and textures overlap in transparent layers to resemble stereoscopic images. She makes art as an extension of who she is at the core of her being and uses it to convey the fluid nature of emotion.

Her inspiration comes from macro and micro elements of nature which are reflected in the multiple layers and intricate patterns.

Resin is fluid and dynamic to work with, and her art work is in a continuous state of change until fully cured.  There is no set idea when beginning a piece.  Instead, Sofia allows the painting to evolve organically as she places colour where it belongs; making sense and creating an order so that the observer can emotionally connect with the creative life force energy within themselves.

Sofia Jogola is a self taught artist living in Edmonton, Alberta

:: © 2018 :: Sofia Resin Art ::

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